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Lila XP

Takes comfort off-road – literally. From birth until approx. 4 years old. Up to 22 kg. Conquer any surface. Easy manoeuvrability. Large basket. Space to grow.


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Who says riding on rough terrains has to be uncomfortable? It’s not, with the Maxi-Cosi Lila XP. Its all-terrain wheels, soft suspension and innovative modulo-drive system allow you to easily manoeuvre any surface. We are taking you, where other pushchairs haven’t gone before!

Outdoor pushchair

Suitable from birth up to 4 years, the Maxi-Cosi Lila XP takes comfort off-road – literally! The pushchair’s all-terrain wheels and soft front and rear suspension allow you to manoeuvre with ease on any surface. Plus, the unique modulo-drive enables you to instantly lock or unlock the front swivel wheels, without having to bend down or stop strolling.

While the Lila XP takes you where other pushchairs daren’t, it doesn’t compromise on comfort for your little one.

Thanks to its reversible thermo-regulated mattress, your little one will feel cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer. The adjustable foot rest and UV50 protective canopy with integrated nap keeper ensure that your little one is comfortable during both strolls and naps.

The all-terrain pushchair is not only comfortable for babies, but parents, too. You will enjoy its XXL basket, large enough to hold anything you might need on the go, up to 10kg. The Lila XP also has practical pockets for storing personal belongings or a rain cover to keep little ones dry.

Concerned about longevity? The pushchair features an XXL seat, with a length of over a metre, so that you can use it until your little one turns 4.

Thanks to the Oria XXL carrycot – Maxi-Cosi’s biggest carrycot to date – you can simply transform the pushchair into the most comfortable all-terrain pushchair out there.


The Lila XP promises comfort for your little one while you stroll, even on rough terrain!

We designed the all-terrain wheels and soft suspension to make sure your little one stays comfortable, even on rough terrain. An exceptionally comfortable pushchair, our Lila XP features a reversible thermo-regulated mattress to keep your little one warm in winter and cool in summer. The adjustable footrest keeps up with your growing baby and a UV50 protective canopy with integrated nap keeper creates a cosy atmosphere, offering protection from external elements.

The Lila XP also features a very large seat to keep your little one cosy and comfortable until they turn 4 years old. Thanks to the flat recline function, you can use it right from birth!

You enjoy exploring the great outdoors; we make sure your little explorer stays comfortable on all terrains!

Takes comfort off-road – literally

The Lila XP takes comfort off-road – literally. Its all-terrain wheels and soft suspension mean that rough rides on any terrain have never been more comfortable!

We also designed the modulo-drive buttons on the frame to make manoeuvring even easier for you! Whilst on the go, you needn’t worry about where to store your stuff: the Lila XP also features a very large basket to hold anything you need, up to 10kg.

Your little one will grow fast! But the one-meter-long XXL seat on our unique pushchair will accommodate your child until they turn 4 years old. Its adjustable footrest will also keep up with your little one.

Looking for optimal comfort in an outdoor pushchair? The Lila XP offers just that by combining outdoor features and practical use with great comfort! Its reversible thermo-regulated mattress keeps babies warm in winter and cool in summer, while the UV50 protective canopy with integrated nap keeper makes sure your little one is comfortable during both strolls and naps… in all conditions! What’s more, your pushchair can be folded using just one hand, leaving the other hand free.

Included in the box:

  • Lila XP ICS adaptors
  • Lila XP Nap Keeper
  • Lila XP Parasol Clip
  • Lila XP Rain cover
  • Lila XP wheels Bags

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