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LÄSSIG’s baby shoes from the Little Chums Mouse collection made of GOTS certified organic cotton are perfect for those tiny baby feet. Thanks to an elastic band they are easily put on and taken off.

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LÄSSIG’s first shoes made of GOTS certified organic cotton make sure baby’s little feet stay warm and cozy.

The baby shoes from the Little Chums’ collection are easy to put on and take off thanks to an elastic band, making them ideally suitable as baby’s first shoes, up to the age of 6 months.

The little shoes are available in three different colors and are decorated with the cute embroidered faces of a dog, a cat or a mouse. Baby’s first shoes are machine washable at 86°F in the gentle cycle.

The baby shoes are neatly stowed away in the matching fabric bag made of 100% organic cotton, with a shiny print. Just like the tiny shoes, the fabric bags are also produced and certified according to the GOTS guidelines (Global Organic Textile Standard). They are a wonderful gift for a newborn.

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