Hieta Sandals


Toddlers’ very comfortable leather sandals made from natural materials. Zero heel. Who wouldn’t love these cute looking closed-toe sandals with comfortable feel. The outsole is made of 100% natural rubber, which gives each step a lightweight feel. The pigskin lining gives that amazing all-day comfort. Removable insoles with Reima’s Happy Fit print will help you to find the correct size. Adjustable velcros are very practical, fast to put on and take off, and give good support. There is no heel drop in this shoe, which means that the sole is flat.

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  • Toddlers’ sandals
  • Flexible outsole of 100% natural rubber for excellent comfort
  • Pigskin lining
  • Removable insoles with Happy Fit print help to find the correct size
  • Insole lined with pigskin
  • Velcro construction ensures easy use
  • Zero heel

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Cinnamon, Navy, Off White


20, 21, 22, 23, 24