YOYO Bassinet


YOYO bassinet clips onto YOYO² frame in a single click, can be carried by hand and set on the floor. With its bassinet, YOYO² remains just as manoeuvrable and flexible. Real cocoon for your child, YOYO bassinet is positioned on top of the stroller frame, so you can be close to your baby.

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  • Ultra-lightweight bassinet, 3 kg
  • Ultra-compact, disassembles into two half-shells for optimal storage
  • Comfortable and breathable 4.5 cm (1.8 in) thick double mattress.Ventilated shell and canopy
  • Semi-hard shell and enveloping foot cover.Inner pockets to tuck away small items
  • Anti-UV (UPF 50+) water-repellent fabric

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Black, Olive, Taupe

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