Sipper Cup Insulated 260ml


Our sports bottles are specially designed for developing tipping and sipping skills, with a Non-spill valve that stops spills in their tracks.


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Chunky yet lightweight with easy grip sides, our sports bottles are perfect for little hands – and the removable, two-piece, Non-spill valve helps to keep mess to a minimum.

Soft and gentle
The super soft spout on our sports bottles is super gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums

Great for little ones
Little ones love the sporty styling, sports spout and easy-grip sides on our sports bottles.

Great for parents
Parents love our removable, two-piece, Non-spill valve that keeps mess to a minimum and is easy to clean.

Designed for real life
Our Sports bottles are dishwasher, microwave & steriliser safe.


  • Large 9 fl oz capacity bottle to keep busy toddlers happy and hydrated
  • Removable, two-piece, Non-spill valve keeps mess to a minimum
  • Chunky, yet lightweight, with easy grip sides, perfect for little hands
  • Available in a range of colors and patterns they’ll love
  • Cups are dishwasher-safe, if placed on the top shelf, and can be steam sterilized for added peace of mind
  • All our cups are BPA-free