First Straw Cup – 270ml


Baby’s First Straw Cup simplifies the bottle-to-cup transition. Designed with a soft, weighted straw so baby can drink from any angle.

  • Silicone weighted straw moves with the liquid in the cup so baby can drink no matter which way they tip it
  • Side-grip handles make it easy for little hands to grab and hold and are removable for when baby’s cup-holding skills improve
  • The spill-proof, travel-friendly sliding lid stores the straw away when not in use for on-the-go convenience and hygienic storage
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Tip and Sip in Any Direction! Baby’s First Straw Cup features handles that lock in place to make it easy for little hands to hold. The cup is contoured, and the handles are removable, so it grows with baby as their cup-holding skills improve. The travel-friendly lid slides open for baby to drink and slides closed to keep the straw clean when not in use – plus it’s spill-proof!

  • Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe
  • Includes wire brush to clean inside of straw
  • Do not put in microwave
  • BPA-free
  • 6m+

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