Leikteppi Super Mat – Boho Chic


Tiny Love, an industry leader in baby products, continually renews its impressive floor category with a selection of stylish Gymini activity gyms and beautifully designed mats, which offer the perfect mix between fun, development and style, and encourage babies to explore, learn and grow.With its engaging peek-a-boo, satin ribbons, tummy time mirror, detachable wooden rattle, earthy Boho Chic design and soft fabrics, this comfy padded mat complements your home’s interior and creates a peaceful environment for babies to play and grow, bond and communicate.The easy fold and carry design makes the Boho Chic XL Super Mat the ideal take-along mat for babies and an excellent accessory for enjoying some quality bonding time together. Little ones can explore the mat’s 6 engaging activities, which foster their senses, cognitive development and motor skills. Large enough to play in with siblings, friends and parents, the mat’s spacious design invites babies to explore movement: rolling, stretching and, later on, making their first attempts at crawling.

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  • EXTRA LARGE BABY PLAY MAT – with 6 engaging developmental activities, for babies from birth
  • XL SIZE – creates a wonderful space for your little one to communicate and bond
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVELLING – easily folds into a neat bundle that you can comfortably carry or fit under your stroller
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRICS – give the soft, padded mat extra comfort and coziness
  • 12 MONTHLY MILESTONE CARDS INCLUDED – taking you and your baby through the journey of their first year
  • STIMULATE YOUR BABY’S DEVELOPMENT – through six essential skills (Tiny Love’s developmental Wonders) to support their journey of exploration
  • Total Area: 1.5m²
  • Age Group: 0-6 months