Outdoor Mat Ocean


Enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with our XL Outdoor Mat. A water-repellent base, 5 fun activities and a magical underwater turquoise-blue aquarelle design come together to make this is the perfect playing environment for your little one. Simply grab and go for some outdoor fun and bonding with your little one! Tiny Love’s Unique Developmental System focuses on 6 ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Created with love and care by our child development experts, this system supports babies as they grow. Explore how various skills come into play at every stage of your baby’s exciting developmental journey by scrolling down to Our System and Age Tips sections.

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From the very first days, the XL Outdoor Mat is the perfect setting to get close up with your baby, bond and connect. Lie next to your little one in the fresh air and cuddle up, gaze at each other, talk and sing songs, taking the opportunity to gradually get to know each other.

Encourage your baby to stay a little longer in tummy time by engaging her with one of the mat’s features and activities. Point to the cute characters appearing on the mat, draw baby’s attention to the satin ribbons or play with the peek-a-boo turtle.

5+ months: COGNITION

When your baby is older and sitting up, let him enjoy this cozy outdoor playing environment and explore the mat’s various features and activities from an exciting new point of view. Babies will gradually grasp the idea of object permanence while playing with the peek-a-boo crab, rediscovering the little fish hidden underneath.