Car Wrap-To-Go


Flott skipulags og sætishlíf frá Lassig sem hægt er að hengja aftan á framsætið í bílnum.

The car organizer from the LÄSSIG Safari collection ensures stress-free tours of discovery. Thanks to a simple attachment to the backrest and many well thought-out storage compartments, kids have everything within reach while driving.

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Thanks to the simple attachment to the backrest, the organizer can be attached to any car in just a few simple steps. With its numerous functional storage compartments with Velcro and zips, cuddly toys, toys, snacks and the like are stowed away in an organized manner. So the kids on the back seat have everything they need within easy reach.

Keep an eye on your favorite series with our kids’ car backseat organizer

Thanks to the practical viewing window, the tablet has a relaxed place in the extra-large compartment (26 x 18.5 cm) for your favorite series or the latest children’s film. The headphones can be attached to the fastening loop next to it, ready to hand.

If something goes wrong with drinks or provisions on the way, that’s no problem. The outer material of the car backseat organizer is water-resistant and can be easily wiped clean.

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