Anti-Slip Socks (2)


The non-slip baby socks with the special silicone coating enables your child to stand safely and the organic cotton socks with their elastic band are comfortable to wear. The socks are machine washable.

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  • Taking the first steps: LÄSSIG’s non-slip socks with a special silicone sole enable baby to take its first steps safely
  • The non-slip socks made of organic cotton not only protect the little feet from getting cold but also ensure a safe grip on slippery surfaces
  • Practical details such as the band at the top, make sure they stay up and the muted colors allow the socks to be combined with all baby’s outfits
  • The socks are machine washable at 30°

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Anthracite/Taupe, Blue/Grey, Grey/Beige, Rosewood


15-18, 19-22, 23-26, 27-30