Warm Cover Carrier


  • An ultralight, padded cover that keeps your baby warm during the colder months.
  • Cosy and ultralight
  • Reversible and detachable hood
  • Easy to wipe clean and machine washable
  • Wind and water repellent
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How do I keep my baby warm in winter?
If you want to be able to use your baby carrier during the colder months of the year as well, our winter cover will be ideal. The ultralight cover is padded, wind and water repellent, and has been specially developed to protect your baby from the cold.

How should I dress my baby in the baby carrier
Dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothing, but remember that our winter cover is warm in itself. We recommend that you regularly check to make sure that your baby is neither too hot nor too cold.

What’s the difference between Winter Cover for Baby Carrier and Cover for Baby Carrier?
Both of our covers have been designed to protect your baby from the cold. The padding in the winter cover is made of Thermore, a cutting-edge material that offers exceptional warmth and comfort due to its high-performance thermal insulation properties. This makes our winter cover particularly suitable for the cold winter months, whereas our fleece-lined cover can be used on cool and rainy days all year round.

Is the cover easy to take with you and use?
Yes, it’s easy to attach, remove and adjust. The cover is ultralight and can be packed into its inner pocket, making it convenient to take with you.

Is the hood detachable?
Yes, the hood is easy to put on and take off. It’s also reversible, meaning you can use it while babywearing in either the facing-in or facing-out position. The hood has been specially designed to allow fresh air to flow in. Remember to always ensure that your baby can breathe freely. When you’re not using the hood, you can stow it away in the practical pocket on the outside of the cover.

Is the winter cover big and bulky?
No, the fit has been carefully designed to avoid bulkiness. Our winter cover has been designed to keep your baby warm without weighing you down. Despite being light and thin, it’s packed with high-performance thermal insulation padding that locks in heat and provides superior comfort. When you’re not using the cover, you can pack it into its inner pocket and easily carry it with you.

Why is the inner pocket upside down?
The inner pocket is intended for stowing the cover when not in use rather than for storage. It’s placed upside down to prevent small hands or feet from getting caught in it.

Does the winter cover fit all baby carriers from BabyBjörn?
Absolutely, the cover can be used for all our baby carriers.

When can I start using the winter cover?
You can use the winter cover from newborn and until your child is approx. two years old. The button at the bottom allows you to shorten the length of the cover at first when your baby is small.

Is the winter cover easy to clean?
Yes, the cover is machine washable at 40°C, dries quickly and keeps its shape wash after wash. Small stains are easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

In which temperatures and climates can I use the Winter Cover?
We wish we could give you an exact answer, but there are many aspects that may affect how warm or cool your baby will feel when using the winter cover. It all depends on factors like humidity, wind, your activity level as a parent, and the number and type of layers your little one is wearing. However, with an appropriate amount of layers underneath, our winter cover can help keep your child cosy and comfy in all kinds of winter weather, from above to below freezing.

Materials & care instructions

Outer material and lining in 100% recycled polyester (GRS certified). The material has been treated with a PFC-free water-repellent finish for protection against light rain and snow. The padding is crafted from Thermore, a cutting-edge material made of 100% polyester. This innovative material offers exceptional warmth and comfort even when it’s wet, thanks to its high-performance thermal insulation properties.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
The outer fabric and lining of this product meet the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This is an international certification for recycled textile material. The standard ensures that the product consists of recycled material and imposes extensive requirements on environmental factors, chemical restrictions and social aspects throughout the manufacturing process – from raw material to end product.

The product’s outer fabric, lining and padding have been approved in accordance with the international bluesign® environmental standard. This means that the fabric has been produced without harmful substances and in a responsible way with regard to the environment, working conditions and consumer safety.

Washing instructions
You can machine wash the cover on a gentle programme at 40°C. The cover dries quickly and keeps its shape wash after wash. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron this product. Avoid bleach and hang the cover up to dry naturally.

Measurements and weight
Weight: 255 g
Height: 57.5 cm
Width: 49 cm
Hood height: 27 cm
Hood width: 26 cm


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