Toddler Roller (2022 & 2023)


Þessi pallur passar einungis á 2022 og 2023 model af Emmaljunga NXT

For those tired little legs. A practical transport solution for siblings. Easily attached on most Emmaljunga chassis. Easily clicked-on and off and if you don’t need it during your journey, you can easily attach it to the handle Emmaljunga offers toddler rollers to various stroller models.

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  • Max. weight of the child on the toddler roller: 20 kg
  • Emmaljunga safety tests all prams in accordance with EN 1888:2012 and EN 1466:2014.


  • We strongly believe that it is important to move towards a healthy and sustainable way of living.
  • All materials are continuously tested by accredited laboratories to ensure that they meet the strictest EU environmental standards (REACH) and making it safer for you and your child.

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NXT Twin, NXT60, NXT90