Teether Silicone Garden Explorer


For baby’s first tiny teeth: LÄSSIG’s Teething Ring Garden Explorer promotes baby’s sense of touch, fine motor skills and its hand-eye coordination. Suitable for babies from birth.
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  • For young nature lovers: LÄSSIG’s Teething Ring from the Garden Explorer collection not only supports pain relief during teething, but also stimulates and promotes the baby’s sense of touch. The cute chewing rings come in the form of bees, snails and mushrooms, providing relief when the first little teeth are on their way. The soft but pronounced structure on both sides of the teething ring offers nubs and ribs that massage baby’s gums when chewed on.
  • As a baby moves the toy in front of its eyes, it stimulates the eye-hand coordination and baby learns to grasp things. This trains the baby’s fine motor skills in a playful way. The size and material of this gripping toy are ideally suited to tiny hands.
  • The teething ring is made of food safe silicone and is dishwasher safe.
  • supports pain relief during teething
  • promotes the baby’s sense of touch
  • suitable for babies from birth
  • dishwasher safe
  • food safe silicone

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Bee, Mushroom, Snail