Swim Diaper


The baby bath diaper is an ecological alternative to disposable diapers. Its absorbent lining keeps babies’ skin dry and prevents large accidents from occurring in the water.

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  • The LÄSSIG reusable layer swimsuit, with its polyester outer fabric (recycled), is ideal for a holiday at the sea or going to the pool.
  • Combined with matching sunscreen, hat and anti-UV t-shirt from LÄSSIG’s Splash & Fun collection, the layer swimsuit allows you to fully enjoy the pleasure of swimming.
  • The diaper swimsuit is a good ecological and trendy alternative to disposable diapers.
  • It is pleasant to wear, thanks to its well-designed cut, excellent quality materials and seamless finish at the crotch.
  • Thanks to the patented absorbent system of the integrated layer and the inner lining, the skin of the little ones remains practically dry on the beach.
  • Moisture remains trapped in the inner layer. Big accidents do not spread in the water, and the swimsuit can be washed at 30° with a delicate laundry program once back home.

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