Swim Diaper


The baby swim diaper is an ecological alternative to disposable diapers. Its absorbent lining keeps babies’ skin dry and prevents big accidents from happening in the water.

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The reusable baby diaper swimsuit with (recycled) polyester outer material is ideal for beach holidays or going to the pool. Combined with sunscreen, the matching hat and UV T-shirt from the LÄSSIG Splash & Fun collection, the diaper swimsuit allows for carefree and fun swimming.

The diaper swimsuit is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to single-use diapers. The ideal fit, high-quality material and seamless finish on the seat make it comfortable to wear in and out of the water.

The patented moisture-wicking liner and insert system ensures that children’s skin remains as dry as possible outside of water. Moisture is absorbed and retained by the inner lining. In the water, major accidents are also remembered. Back home, the diaper swimsuit can be washed at 30°C (delicates program).

Recycled material
Through the use of recycled materials, innovative processes and the renunciation of the use of components of animal origin, LÄSSIG contributes to the circular economy and preserves the Earth’s resources. Thus, plastic waste (e.g. disposable bottles and production residues) was recycled and transformed into a new material to make the diaper swimsuit.

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