Soft Blocks


Let your child unleash his or her creativity with these soft play and building blocks. Let the little one build a tower, a castle, a house, or whatever your child would like. The set contains several different shapes, so your child can be creative learn about different shapes and colors at the same time. The building blocks are made of a material like our foam play mats, which makes them super soft. So even if the tower should topple over, there is no risk of your child getting hurt. As parents, you will probably also appreciate that they do not make noise or risk scratching the floor. The set contains 75 bricks and a practical bag, so they are easy to store and take with you.

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Like BabyDan foam play mats, these building blocks are of course completely free of phthalates, PVC, and other harmful substances or substances under suspicion. And the sizes and shapes are designed so that even the little ones can play with them as they are approved for 0+ months.

  • Contains 75 bricks and a practical bag
  • Building blocks made of soft foam
  • The bricks are available in 2 color combinations
  • Approved for all ages, even 0+ months

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