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The SMILE 4 invites you and your little one to discover ultimate comfort. The premium 3-in-1 mobility solution can be used from birth up to four years and offers full flexibility on the go. Switch effortlessly between carrycot, infant carrier and seat unit – and face every situation with a smile. The superior central and front wheel suspension guarantees a smooth ride, while the slim design of only 57 cm width lets you stroll through even the narrowest paths. Carrycot and infant carrier available separately.

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Ultimate comfort
The superior central and front wheel suspension ensure a smooth ride every time – no matter how rough the terrain might get. That way, your baby can sleep soundly on every journey. Additionally, you never have to worry about flat tires thanks to the puncture-free wheels.

Ultimate freedom
Strolling with the carrycot, an infant carrier or the seat unit? You decide! Switch effortlessly between different travel system options and offer your little one the best ride in every situation. Enjoy the comfortable flexibility from birth up to a weight of 22 kg. Good to know: The adapters to attach the BABY-SAFE 5Z onto your SMILE 4 are already included.

Ultimate flexibility
The SMILE 4 offers a wide range of fashions to fit your personal style. For a more sustainable choice, it also features our GREEN SENSE fashions that are made from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, a large variety of seasonal, matching accessories ensures that you are equipped properly for every weather.

Narrow base

To get around comfortably in busy areas or shopping malls, the slim design of only 57 cm wide will let you move with ease even on the narrowest routes.

Central & front wheel suspension

The centrally positioned chassis suspension and front wheel suspension provide a smooth ride on any terrain. So whether it’s cobbled streets or country lanes, nothing will disturb your little one from sleeping soundly.

Puncture-free tyres

The last thing you want when you’re out on a walk with your little one is a flat tyre. Therefore the tyres are puncture-free so you can enjoy your journey.

Easy access

The rotating feature of the base allows you to turn the infant carrier to the open car door, making it easy to remove you baby from the seat and put them into the carrycot on the pushchair for longer walks or simply back into the house.

Lie-flat technology

Allows for a more comfortable and more ergonomic position for newborns. Our patented integral recline mechanism allows you to adjust the flatness of the lying position according to the child’s height. The position changes automatically when adjusting the headrest, increasing the space to suit your child’s development. The shoulder straps also adjust automatically when adjusting the headrest.

Newborn insert

Especially designed to give extra support to small babies. The included newborn insert with energy-absorbing foam pads reduces the space and offers additional comfort.

Easy release with Click & Go adapters

The infant carrier can easily be taken off the base or pushchair so parent can remain in an ergonomic, upright position while lifting the carrier up. Simply use the handle at the back of the infant carrier to unlock it from the base or pushchair and lift it off with ease.

Glow in the dark 3M reflector stripes

To keep you safe in low light conditions, the pushchair is equipped with 3M™ reflectors all around – on the front cover, around the basket and on the wheels.

Compact freestanding fold

For space-saving transportation in any car, the pushchair easily folds to a compact size that stays that way until you want to use it again thanks to the automatic fold lock. Plus, it’s also freestanding when folded and with the integrated handle protector it stays clear of the dirty ground.

Extra-long backrest

Thanks to the extra-long 48 cm backrest your child will have plenty of space to grow and enjoy trips in the pushchair.

Lie-flat backrest and footrest

To always provide a comfortable position for your child the backrest can be adjusted from upright to relaxed reclined to a lie-flat position with one hand, while offering protection from the sides at all times. Plus, with the adjustable footrest, the complete lie-flat seat unit is also suitable for a soft carrycot.

Reversible seat unit

No matter if your child wants to stay connected to you or explore the world, with the quick and easy reversible seat unit you are always able to keep them happy on any journey.

Extra-large hood with ventilation window

Thanks to the extra-large hood with UPF 50+ your child is perfectly protected on sunny days. In addition the large ventilation window ensures improved air circulation on hot days.

Flip flop friendly safety brake

The brake fixes both rear wheels for safe and stable stopping security and has an indicator to show you if the brake is active or not. Plus, the brake can be released from the top so your shoes won’t get dirty or scuffed.

Extra-large storage basket

Whether you’re going on a long day trip or just running errands, our easily accessible storage basket can hold 7 kg of everything you need from nappies, extra clothes, toys and snacks to last minute groceries.

Sun canopy

The sun canopy offers protection for your child from the sun (UPF 50+) and wind both in the car and on the pushchair. The attachment points are conveniently located on the sides of the handle so you can carry the infant carrier while the sun canopy is in use.

Quick-remove cover

Things can get pretty messy on the road. Drinks can spill and children can get car sick. That’s why we designed a machine washable seat cover that can easily be taken off without removing the harness, so you can clean up quick and get on your way.

5-point harness

We believe a 5-point harness is the safest way to secure your child in a car seat because it keeps your child safe and tight in the seat’s protective shell. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes the forces of the impact across 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips and one where the harness buckles between the legs. This helps to protect your child from all directions of impact.

Audible click to indicate correct installation

When installing the infant carrier on the FLEX BASE 5Z in the car or on the pushchair, a clear audible click informs you the seat is safely installed.


  • Pushchair folded (with seat unit and wheels) (H x W x D) – 90 x 40 x 57 cm
  • Chassis folded (with wheels) (H x W x D) – 84 x 27 x 57 cm
  • Handle Height – 80 – 113 cm
  • Backrest length – 48 cm
  • Footrest length – 23 cm
  • Seating area (W x D) – 30 x 23 cm
  • Weight – 13 kg
  • Weight complete pushchair with hood – 13 kg
  • Weight chassis and wheels – 9 kg
  • Maximum child weight – 22 kg / 4 years (whichever comes first)

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