Skál – Silicone Suction


Learning to eat becomes a real success with LÄSSIG’s silicone bowls. On smooth surfaces the anti-slip suction cup on the bottom of the bowl ensures that it doesn’t slide or tip over easily.
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  • You can’t be too sure! – young children’s first attempts at feeding themselves become a real success with LASSIG’s practical, non-slip silicon bowl from the Little Chums Collection.
  • Thanks to the anti-slip silicone suction cup on the bottom of the bowl, it doesn’t slide or tip over easily on smooth surfaces.
  • Semi-solid food or cereal stays in the bowl and making a mess is kept within limits. If the bowl does happen to fall on the floor, it doesn’t break.
  • It is easily cleaned in the dishwasher and can, if necessary, also be put in the microwave thanks to its heat stability up to 220°C.
  • This is the perfect accessory for parents who are practical, love style and have young world explorers. It is available in two pastel shades, rose and blue.

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