Shantala Baðbali


A womb-like baby bath. Comfortable like a… womb Nine months in the same position, that must become quite familiar, doesn’t it? The well-designed shape of the Shantala bath allows the child to be bathed in a position similar to the womb, which comforts him or her while bathing. Shantala is suitable from birth onwards. This ergonomic bathtub has the advantage of being ultra economical in water and retaining heat longer. Its ergonomic curved edges assure the highest comfort.

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Place Shantala on the floor or on a higher surface to relieve your own back and make efficient use of water. Its ergonomic curved edges assure the highest comfort. Economical in water, its size also allows to keep the heat longer.
  • Plastic: 100% polypropylene
  • BPA-Free & Phalate Free

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