Your child will love bathing in the comfortable and spacious baby bath. It is designed for newborns and baby’s first months. The bathtub has a built-in seat edge and a bottom plug, which makes it easy to empty it after use. It has a smart click system, so you can easily attach the bathtub firmly to the bathtub stand, which you can buy separately. The size and materials of the bathtub make it easy to clean the bathtub.

Vörunúmer: 0100621966 Flokkur: Vörumerki:


  • Bathtub designed for newborns
  • Built-in seat edge and bottom plug
  • With click system so you can easily click the bathtub off and on the stand. Purchased separately.
  • Hæð: 32 cm
  • Breidd: 86 cm
  • Lengd: 44 cm
  • Hámarksþyngd: 20 kg

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Breeze Green, Celestial Blue, Griffin Grey, Mellow Rose