Comfy Bath


Two-in-one bath cushion. Want to bath your baby handsfree? doomoo’s Comfy Bath fills up with water so baby can safely ly or sit in the water. No back strains for mommy or daddy. All the safety for baby.

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For a strain- and handsfree baby bath, you can place Comfy Bath on the bottom of your bathtub or baby bath. This soft and mellow tool will fill with water and become a water cushion on which your baby can comfortably ly or sit. While baby’s safely playing, you’ll have both hands free to wash your little piggy.

How to use Comfy Bath:
  • Lying position: Fill the bath with water and make sure baby’s head and ears are still out of the water.
  • Sitting position: Completely cover the cushion with water, or immerse it further if desired. Put Comfy Bath around baby’s waist.
  • Machine washable at 30°C.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Never dry the bath cushion with or over an electric heating source.
  • After use, rinse the cushion well and twist it to remove as much water as possible. Use the attached loop to hang Comfy Bath to dry.


  • The Comfy Bath is not a floating mattress!
  • Do not open or remove the inside.
  • The zipper of this item does not have a cursor.
  • Dimension: 47cm x 38cm

OEKO-Tex certified & GOTS certified