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Powerful yet portable
Unplug the pump with the rechargeable, travel-friendly Single Electric Breast Pump that weighs less than half a kilogram. Rechargeable battery provides up to 90 minutes of pumping time.

Customizable Control
Fully adjustable vacuum and cycle settings with letdown and expression modes allow for up to 21 different options to help mom find the setting that pumps the most milk.

SoftShapeTM Silicone Shield
One-piece all silicone design. Flexible shield (Size B, 25 mm) accommodates mom’s unique shape, while soft material providescomfort for mom and creates a strong seal for effective suction. Removable for easy cleaning.

Works with Narrow or Wide-Neck Dr. Brown’s Bottles.


  • 1x milk collection kit
  • 1x Dr. Brown’s 5oz./150 ml Wide-Neck Options+ Anti-colic bottle with Level 1 Nipple
  • 1x storage cap
  • 1x narrow-to-wide neck adapter
  • 1x tube
  • 1x 6V Power adapter