Oslo Bedside – White


Good cot for newborn. A bedside crib, or side bed as it is also called, is a smart first bed for your newborn baby. The advantage of a bedside crib is that you can have the baby close during the night, which for example makes it easier when the baby needs to be fed or it’s time to change the nappy. Many also feel secure in the fact that children and adults can sleep together without sharing a bed and sleeping surface. A bedside crib also works great for those who are short on space and looking for a flexible mini bed. Thanks to the wheels, you can easily roll the bed to where you need it most, whether it’s day or night.

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This birch bed has a bed base that can be raised and lowered in a total of ten different positions (see measurements below). In this way, it can be optimally adapted to the height of the parents’ bed. The long side has a feature called dropside and can be folded in half. To do this, a two-handed grip is required – for safety reasons – where you perform two steps at the same time. However, it works smoothly to both press and lift/lower to change the position on the long side.

  • LxBxH: 95.5 x 46 x 75-89 cm
  • Matress size: 40 x 89 cm
  • Color: White
  • Tested: EN1130: 2019
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ATTENTION! According to new safety regulations, the bed may only be used as a side bed next to an adult bed when these are attached to each other with the attached attachment system. Also note that the folding side (dropside) in the folded position must not be higher than the mattress of the adult bed.

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