Órói Take Along Mobile


Litríkur og léttur órói frá Tiny Love sem snýst og þægilegt er að taka með á ferðina, t.d. á leikvöllinn, ferðarúmið, vagninn eða kerruna. Spilar róandi tónlist í 30 mínútur samfleytt.

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0+ months: Balanced Sensory Stimulation
Let your little one lie under the mobile, at home or on the go, and enjoy the slow rotating movement, the cute characters smiling down from above and 5 melodies, which come together to offer just the right level of audio and visual stimulation.

0-3 months: Supporting emotional development

Take the compact mobile with you on outings and vacations, giving your baby a sense of home in unfamiliar environments. The sense of familiarity soothes and reassures your little one, supporting emotional growth and development.

3+ months: Encouraging COMMUNICATION

The characters rotating on the mobile motivate your little one to coo and babble, encouraging communication. Supplement this by talking to your baby about the cute characters using simple sentences: “Look, here’s the cute panda”, “The cloud is so soft!”, etc.

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