NXT Twin Stell (2023)

Frá: 139.990kr.

Verð er einungis verð á stellinu. Margir valmöguleikar eru á hvernig vagninn er settur upp, eins er hægt að nota eldri vagnparta á stellið, t.d. frá 2021 og 2022.

NXT Twin is the revolutionary twin stroller that makes the trip much easier. Handmade in Sweden with excellent stability and material selection. The NXT Twin has a unique practical design where the handlebars are attached to the rear axle for a good driving feel and lifting power. At the same time, you can fold the NXT Twin with just a few moves. The pram allows you to freely combine between NXT sleeping parts, ergonomic seats and seats with a full, flat lying position (from 6+ months to 22 kg/per child). Equipped with a soft air-assisted suspension, spacious shopping basket and large swiveling front wheels. 2 insect nets are supplied with the frame and are suitable for both sunbeds and seats.

Kynntu þér Truly Green umhverfis stefnu Emmaljunga með því að smella hér.

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NXT Twin

  • Frame incl. wheels: from 16kg
  • Total frame width with wheels wheels: 79 cm
  • Folded frame with wheels (L/W/H): 89 / 79 / 45 cm
  • Handlebar height (lowest/highest): 98 – 114 cm


  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Dimensions (inside) (L/W/H): 76 / 34 / 21 cm
  • Dimensions (outside) (L/W/H): 81 / 38 / 34 cm

NXT Seat Flat

  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Dimensions (Total Seat length) (L/W): 104 / 32 cm

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