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Long sleeve bibs in a set of two made of coated polyester offer the ideal all-round protection when eating or crafting. Little cookie monster can take it easy!
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Little cookie monster can take it easy! Long sleeve bibs made of coated polyester from LÄSSIG’s Garden Explorer Collection offer the ideal all-round protection. Just slip it on with the arms inserted into the sleeves, fasten it in the back and let the fun begin.

The water-resistant material make these versatile bibs perfect not only for eating and feeding, but also for scores of arts and crafts projects at home or at daycare. Little ones can enthusiastically give way to their creativity or enjoy their food because the clothing underneath stays clean and dry.

The integrated flip pocket does its job. Suitable for small children aged 6 to 24 months.

The double pack is available in two different designs, with checked pattern or motifs of the Garden Explorer Collection.

The bibs are washable on a gentle cycle at 40 °C/ 104 °F. Tip: Use a laundry bag so that the straps do not get tangled up with other textiles in the washing machine.

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