Stillanleg klósettseta frá Babybjörn sem passar á flestar setur. Auðvelt að setja á og taka af. Örugg set og auðvelt að þrífa. Frá 2 ára aldri.

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Why is the Toilet Training Seat a clever choice?
Because the Toilet Training Seat is stable, safe and comfy and easy for your child to put on the toilet unaided. Thanks to its rubber edging and the adjustable dial underneath, the seat stays firmly in place and the splashguard prevents spills. You can hang the Toilet Training Seat from its practical handle when not in use.

When can my child start to use the Toilet Training Seat?
From the age of 2. Remember to help your child on and off the seat until they have learned to do this unaided.

Is the Toilet Training Seat adjustable?
Yes, the Toilet Training Seat can be adjusted to fit most toilets.

Is the Toilet Training Seat safe?
Safety is our top priority—so all bathroom products from BABYBJÖRN comply with the relevant safety requirements for plastic in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastic we use undergoes continual rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances.

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