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1 base. 2 seats. 4 years of safety. With the FLEX BASE 5Z, you are ready for four years of convenient safety on the road. The modular base is compatible with the new BABY-SAFE 5Z, the BABY-SAFE 3 i-SIZE as well as the DUALFIX 3 i-SIZE – and each of them can be installed on the base with just one click. The rotating feature allows you to turn each seat towards the car door, making it easy to place and harness your child. Additionally, the DUALFIX seat can be turned 360 degrees, allowing forward-facing travel when your child exceeds 15 months and 76 cm.

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Modular comfort and convenience
The modular base fits the new BABY-SAFE 5Z as well as the BABY-SAFE 3 i-SIZE and DUALFIX 3 i-SIZE and accompanies your little one from the first ride home up until four years old. The seats can easily be removed and installed with just one click. The easily accessible release button allows you to effortlessly pick up the infant carrier on the handle. Plus, the adjustable rebound bar provides additional leg space when travelling rearward facing.

Always set for cosiness
In cars with inclined vehicle seats, your child’s head might tip forward when harnessed in the seat. That’s why the FLEX BASE 5Z can be adjusted to six different positions to provide the best combination of safety and comfort for your little one. With the infant carriers it’s best set the correct angle before installing the seat and with the DUALFIX 3 i-SIZE you can adjust the angle on the go to a more comfortable position when your toddler falls asleep.

Turn to easy access – the rotatable base
All compatible seats for the FLEX BASE 5Z can be turned towards the open car door so you can place and harness your child with ease. Whilst we recommend keeping your child rearward facing for as long as possible, you can easily rotate the base 180 degrees for your DUALFIX 3 i-SIZE for forward travel once your child exceeds 15 months and 76 cm.

Modular Base system
The modular FLEX BASE 5Z is compatible with the new BABY-SAFE 5Z, the BABY-SAFE 3 i-SIZE, and the DUALFIX 3 i-SIZE.

Easy access
The rotating feature of the base allows you to turn the seat to the car door, allowing you to easily place your child in and out of the seat.

Adjustable rebound bar
The rebound bar not only helps to prevent the child car seat from tilting in an impact, but can also be adjusted by an entire 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the rebound bar to the backrest of the vehicle seat and gives your child 10% of additional leg space.

Adjustable angle optimisation
In cars with inclined vehicle seats, there may be a risk of your child’s head tipping forward especially when they fall asleep in a car seat. With our FLEX BASE 5Z you can easily adjust the angle of the car seat to six different positions, to provide a more ergonomic yet safe position of your child during any journey and in any car.

Installed correctly every time
Thanks to the audible click, you can be sure that the BABY-SAFE 5Z is installed correctly every time. Additionally, a visual indicator on the release button of the base offers extra peace of mind.

The Britax Römer Pivot Link ISOFIX System
In case of an impact, our patented Pivot Link ISOFIX System directs the force first downward (1), into the vehicle seat, and then forward (2), more gently – greatly reducing the risk of head and neck injury for your child.

Smart and adjustable support leg
The support leg provides extra stability for the infant carrier base via the vehicle floor. It minimises the tilting and rotational movement and reduces the forward movement forces exerted on your child in a crash situation, helping to protect them. For a secure installation, the support leg can be adjusted to suit the height that’s best for your car. The easy-to-read indicator shows you when the support leg is positioned firmly on your vehicle’s floor, changing from red to black when correctly installed. Additionally, the support leg will notify you with a sound if not correctly installed.

ISOFIX ratchet system
The ISOFIX ratchet system allows the ISOFIX arms to extend so you can easily fit or remove the infant carrier base from the ISOFIX anchorage points in the car. Once the ISOFIX connectors are engaged, push the base until it touches the back of the vehicle seat. This prevents the infant carrier from lifting upwards in case of an impact.

Easy storage
We know that parents of young children have lots of baby items to store so we have designed the infant carrier base with convenient storage in mind. The support leg folds up so you can easily pack it away in your car’s boot or at home. By folding the leg under the seat this also deactivates the security beep from the support leg to provide a peaceful storage solution.

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