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Bebe Confort Dalia walker offers a mix of support for learning to walk safely and entertainment thanks to built-in music. Its compact folding facility makes it practical for storage, and the height adjustability allows it to adapt to the different growth stages of the child. The Bebe Confort Dalia walker is a practical aid for children who are learning to walk, while also providing fun thanks to additional features.

  • 6m+ / 18 mán
  • < 12 kg


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Main Features: – First Step Assistance: Helps children take their first steps by providing stable support. – Protection Bar: Equipped with a crash protection bar for your child’s safety. – Anti-slip Device: It has an anti-slip device to brake the walker near stairs or slippery surfaces. – Electronic Board with Music: Incorporates an electronic board with 12 melodies to entertain the child. – Removable Tray: Includes a removable tray for convenience during use. – Adjustable in Height: Grows with the child thanks to the height adjustable in 3 positions. – Comfortable seat: Provides a comfortable seat to support the child’s back during use.

Easy Storage: – Compact Closure: Folds flat and compact for easy storage (folded dimensions: L68 x D60 x H26 cm). – Easy to Clean: It is designed to be easy to clean, making maintenance simple.


  • Electronic musical activity tray
  • 12 melodies
  • Removable toy tray

Grows with the child

  • Adjustable height
  • 3-position
  • Comfortable seat to support child´s back

Easy to store and clean

  • Compact flat folding, LxWxH, 68x60x26 cm
  • Closed, HxWxD, 26x60x68 cm
  • Easy to clean

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