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With over 20 activities and 6 child-development toys, the Meadow Days™ 5-in-1 Here I Grow Stationary Activity Center is the all-in-one answer to your child’s playtime needs. From birth to 36 months, this product grows with your little one, supporting them on their developmental journey. Comes with a set of month-by-month developmental milestone cards. LEARN FROM OUR EXPERTS! Tiny Love’s Unique Developmental System focuses on 6 ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Created with love and care by our child development experts, this system supports babies as they grow. Explore how various skills come into play at every stage of your baby’s exciting developmental journey by scrolling down to Our System and Age Tips sections.

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0+ months:
From the very first days, you can use the activity center’s electronic take along musical piano to encourage your little one to stay in tummy time a little longer. Place your baby on the tummy and choose between one of the 3 musical modes (notes, funny sounds and songs) to amuse your baby and help them stay in the position for progressively longer intervals, building up essential muscles for the milestones ahead.

6+ months:

Once baby is sitting comfortably, place him in the rotating seat and let him enjoy the various toys and activities, spinning the beads, playing the wind chime or hitting the bead drum. This diverse sensory feedback offers your little one visual, audio and tactile stimulation.

6-24+ months:

The electronic take along piano continues being a source of fun and learning as your baby grows. The responsive lights and sounds teach little ones about the idea of cause an effect while the more sophisticated modes continue fostering your child’s cognitive skills as he grows, serving as a fun musical instrument when your toddler is ready to try playing his first tune.

12-36+ months:

Support your little one on his creative journey by creating a fun environment for play, imagination and even a bit of art. Either in the activity table mode, which lets little ones play with the toys and interchange between them, or by converting the activity center into a table and chair, creating a fun arts and crafts corner that is your child’s very own.

Modes of use

Tummy Time
The activity center’s take along electronic piano features lights and sounds that engage babies while on their tummies, making the time simply fly by while they strengthen their shoulder, neck and arm muscles.

Baby Balance Board

Once babies are sitting up independently (around six months), you can start letting them sit in the activity center and enjoy the attached balance board to strengthen their legs and explore various sensations and textures with their feet.

Stationary Activity Center

Exploring from Inside – With over 20 engaging activities and 6 developmental toys, the activity center helps babies develop essential skills in a cozy and secure environment.

Toddler Activity Table

Discovering from Outside – As your baby takes the next steps in the exciting journey of mobility, it’s time to play with the familiar activity center toys from an exterior angle and discover new things.

Child Table & Chair

Easily converts into child table and chair, creating a wonderful play corner for your little one to explore the next level of fine motor skills.

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