Bakpoki með beisli


Fallegur bakpoki sem virkar sem göngubeisli. Hentar fyrir 2-4 ára börn.

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  • Our Toddler Daysacks are so cute, we’re thinking of designing some for ourselves! They’ve been created especially with young children in mind, aged between two and four years old so that they can enjoy the independence and responsibility of carrying a couple of books or favourite toys with their packed lunch when walking to school.
  • They’re also ideal for young kids to take with them on a day out, whether it’s a trip to the shops or a run around the park.
  • As our Toddler Daysacks come with a detachable lead rein, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your children are nearby and can’t run off out of sight or reach.
  • They also have a grab handle, and on the inside, a label to write on your child’s name to aid identification and prevent loss.

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