Abacus Neo


Kid’s Concept’s abacus frame for children is assembled by hand and created entirely in beech wood. This gives it a beautiful light wood color with a thin, beautiful grain. With the clean design and muted colors, it easily fits into everyone’s home. The colors are in the same shade as the other toys in the NEO concept, which makes it at least as nice to look at as it is fun to play with. This is a classic counting toy that is just as perfect to give as a birthday present as a christening present. 3 years +. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Two yellow plus four blue is six. But what happens if you divide by two? Now it will be both more fun and easier to learn to count with Abacus NEO. There are ten rows of ten balls on each stick which make it possible to learn all four of our counting methods – plus, minus, times and divided by. With this abacus frame, together with the combination of different colors, you have a fantastic educational tool for teaching children numbers.

  • (LxWxH in cm): 25 x 6.5 x 31