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Twist & Click bleyjufata +4 refills

The only bin that twists and wraps for unbeatable odour protection. The twist & click nappy disposal bin provides unbeatable germ and odour protection to keep your home fresh and smell-free. Includes 4 packs of pre-loaded refill.


Til á lager SKU#: 0100634949 Vörumerki:

Til á lager


Unbeatable germ and odour protection keeps your home fresh and smell-free as you clean up after little one, without multiple trips to the outside bin. With the twist & click nappy disposal bin, nappies are individually wrapped in multi-layer, antibacterial film that locks away odours and germs.

Anti-bacterial film kills 99% of dangerous germs on contact
Together with the unique twist and click system, this gives you unbeatable odour and germ protection every time you dispose of a nappy.

Slimline and compact
The twist & click nappy disposal bin fits into any room and holds up to 30 nappies*, meaning fewer trips to the outside bin. The flat lid opens against any wall, making it easy to position and use.

Guaranteed Odour and Germ Protection
Every nappy is individually wrapped to lock away germs and odours

Twists and Wraps Each Nappy Individually
For unbeatable protection from germs and odours

Holds Up To 30 Nappies
Based on using size 1 nappies (2-5kg)

Fits Into Any Room
Slimline and compact, with a flat lid that opens against any wall


  • Powered by Sangenic for guaranteed odour and germ protection
  • Nappies are individually wrapped in a multi-layer, anti-bacterial film to stop germs and smells escaping.
  • Anti-bacterial film kills 99% of dangerous germs like e-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Holds up to 30 nappies* meaning fewer trips to the outside bin
  • Inbuilt plunger pushes nappies deep into the bin, keeping your hands clean
  • Flat lid opens against any wall. Slimline and compact, fits into any room
  • Environmentally friendly – each nappy is individually wrapped in the optimum amount of anti-bacterial film, meaning less waste.
  • Available in on-trend colours
  • * Based on using size 1 nappies (2-5kg)