Stroller Hooks Carabiner (2)


LÄSSIG stroller hooks in black are as beautiful as they are practical. The sturdy carabiners will hold any type of bag or backpack, and the hook-and-loop fasteners can be adjusted to fit all strollers, bicycle trailers or similar.

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The carabiner plus hook-and-loop fastener design of LÄSSIG stroller hooks makes them versatile all-rounders. Visually attractive and functional at the same time, they hold diaper bags and the like securely attached to the stroller.

These practical hooks come in pairs and fit all current models of pram and stroller. They can also be easily attached to bicycle trailers, bicycles, walking frames or shopping trolleys. The hook-and-loop design of the fasteners allows them to be adjusted to the diameter of the handle.

The carabiners (snap hooks) are made of sturdy metal and can therefore withstand a lot of weight. They open wide enough for even bulky objects to be hung on them without any problem. LÄSSIG stroller hooks are therefore able to cope with a wide variety of bag models and backpacks as well as shopping bags, toys and drinking bottles.

You can simply leave the stroller hooks permanently attached so they are ready for use again next time you go out. And if you take a different bag, you can easily reposition the fastening loops. If the stroller is not to be taken on a journey or when it is no longer needed at all, these durable and versatile hooks can be used elsewhere in your family’s everyday activities.