Silicone Brjóstapumpa


We want to support your breastfeeding journey by enabling you to feed your baby wherever and whenever you want. With a capacity of 100mls, the Made for Me™ Silicone pump is compact and lightweight for effective suction and attachment. Simply squeeze the pump and place over your breast. Once you let go of the pump, it will create suction against your skin and gently draw out milk. Squeeze the pump as much or as little as you need to relieve discomfort and continue to squeeze if you want to express fully.

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Complete with a sterilising lid, you can effectively and hygienically sterilise your pump so it’s ready for use. Simply add 30mls of water to a clean pump, secure the lid and pop in the microwave for 4 minutes*. Allow the pump to cool for at least 2 minutes before removing it from the microwave. It will stay sterile for up to 24 hours if you remove the water and keep the lid on.

This one-piece pump allows for the most discreet expression thanks to its compact, silent and cord-free design. It also has a suction base to prevent spills and features measurement markers, so you know how much milk you’ve expressed. It’s made from 100% food-grade silicone that’s safe for you and baby and can be placed in both the dishwasher and microwave.

*This time refers to microwaves between 750-1000 W. Allow your pump to cool for at least 2 minutes before removing it from the microwave.

Box Contains 1 x Tommee Tippee Silicone Breast Pump, 1 x Sterilising Lid, 1 x Tommee Tippee Milk Storage Pouch

Made from super soft silicone in a compact design that’s perfect for living life on-the-go

The soft silicone feels natural to mum and uses gentle suction to draw out milk

Use as a manual pump or to catch leaks and let-down so you don’t waste a single drop

Conveniently sterilise your pump in the microwave using the sterilising lid