Sangis Fleece Pants


These comfy juniors’ joggers are made from a soft mélange material. The fabric looks like it’s knitted yet has all the benefits of fleece. Can be worn alone when indoors or under thicker pants in winter. These juniors’ fleece joggers are perfect for autumns outdoors and work as a mid-layer in the winter. The material looks like it’s knitted but has all the benefits of fleece, as it’s quick drying and really warm. The elasticated waist and rib hems lend extra comfort.

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  • Juniors’ fleece pants
  • Soft melange knit fleece: sweater outlook with fleece benefits
  • Wicks moisture to outer layers
  • Contains certified recycled fibers
  • Elastic waist with draw-string adjustment
  • Rib at waist and leg ends
  • Side pockets

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Melange Grey


104, 110, 116, 122, 128