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Autumn is a magical time of year when nature paints the world in vibrant hues of red, orange, and brown. In Denmark, the streets slowly get covered with leaves in fall colors and bring us a sight of natural beauty. This shift in weather invites us to slow down, snuggle up under soft blankets with a good book or movie, and sip on drinks like hot cocoa.

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As winter’s chill approaches, many of us are seeking ways to make our homes and lives feel cozier and more comfortable. Enter the concept of “hygge”, a Danish term with no direct translation in English. Today, hygge has grown into a complex idea that can best be described as a recipe for happiness that includes warmth, relaxation, indulgence, presence, and comfort all combined in one. With our new FRIGG Limited Autumn Collection called ‘Hygge & Happiness’ we encourage you to invite the feeling of hygge and happiness into your homes and lives. The round shape is recommended by the pediatric chiropractors and maternity hotels in Denmark.

FRIGG pacifier details

  • 100% designed in Denmark
  • 100% manufactured in Denmark
  • For safety reasons each FRIGG pacifier undergoes a diverse range of tests that simulate the stress a pacifier gets exposed to
  • With a new click-lock® system
  • With a new SilkySoft™ nipple
  • Shield material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Safety standard: EN1400 + A2 test

FRIGG silicone nipple size 1 details

  • Nipple material: Medical grade silicone.
  • Nipple measure: 27 mm
  • Recommended age: 0-6 months

Care instructions for FRIGG pacifiers:

Place the pacifier in a bowl and pour it with boiling water. Let it soak for 3-5 minutes. Do not submerge for longer than 5 minutes. Remove and place on a flat surface to air dry. Do not use sterilizers, microwaves, or dishwashers. For optimal safety and hygiene, we recommend discarding the pacifier after 1-2 months of consistent use. Always check the pacifier before use, and discard at first signs of damage or wear.

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