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Being organized is key to a good changing station. With the matching Leander Linea™ drawer, you can easily access the things you need – and hide away the items you are not using. The drawer is added to the Leander Linea™ changing table without drilling any holes in the table. The drawer can be pulled from both sides to provide easy access to your accessories.

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Why choose Leander drawer for Linea™ changing table?

  • The drawer is specially developed for the changing table
  • Can be pulled out from both sides
  • Install without screws on Linea™ changing table


  • Dimensions: H: 12 cm, L: 55 cm, W: 46,5 cm (Fits changing table version 2018)
  • Material: Chipboard, MDF
  • Product weight: 4 kg
  • Surface: Protective lacquer
  • Certifications: EN 71-3
  • Warranty: 3 years on all wooden and metal parts
  • Maintenance: Wipe off with a slightly damp cloth. Wipe off excess water with a dry cloth

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