Fresh Food Feeder


Teething is a pain. Literally. From around four months old, your little one may start to experience discomfort on their gums and look to soothe them any way they can. The Fresh Food Feeder from Tommee Tippee is the perfect solution. Not only will it introduce your little one to new flavours before their baby weaning journey begins, but it will also help to relieve the itchiness and pain in their gums.

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Safely introduce soft fruit and vegetables to your baby when weaning

Use the hygienic cap to keep your feeder clean when in and out of home

Perfectly sized and shaped for tiny hands, the round handle is non-slip and easy to hold

Place chilled or frozen fruit in the teat for instant sore gum relief to your teething baby


The fresh fruit feeder is really easy to use. Simply twist the click-lock ring to open, fill the silicone teat with any soft fruit or vegetables you wish, twist and click it back on and give it to your baby to enjoy. Complete with 52 holes, the teat will allow the fresh fruit or vegetables inside to slowly seep through so you can introduce soft first foods to your baby safely.

Shaped like a happy hippo, the fruit feeder has an ergonomic, non-slip handle that’s easy to hold at any angle. For total reassurance, the click-lock ring safety feature allows parents to fill the teat easily, but keeps food safely locked away from your baby. It also comes with a hygienic cap that keeps the feeder clean while in and out of home and keeps it standing upright.

Made up of just three parts, the Tommee Tippee weaning aid is safe for the dishwasher as well as UV and steam sterilisation. It’s made from food-grade silicone that’s BPA, PVC and Phthalate free so it’s completely safe for your baby.