CAS Changing Organizer


LÄSSIG’s Changing Organizer Anthracite fits into every handbag and all important diaper changing items are compactly packed together – exactly the right accessory for spontaneous parents. A water-resistant changing pad is included.

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All important changing utensils compactly stowed away: Thanks to its ideal size, LÄSSIG’s Changing Organizer can easily fit into any bag or any backpack. Even on its own, the Changing Organizer with its integrated changing mat can be carried easily as a clutch or using its hand strap.

The Changing Organizer has well planned compartments and a light colored lining, where all changing utensils are neatly organized. While the water-repellent wet compartment allows you to stow any wet items, the most important accessories are always at hand in the clearly arranged mesh compartment.

The water-repellent, soft padded, color-coordinated changing mat ensures that baby can be changed comfortably while you are on the go. The Changing Organizer then becomes the ideal companion for parents who need to be spontaneous.

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