Bath Toy Natural Rubber


Made of BPA-free natural rubber, the bath animal for babies – little turtle – provides a relaxed and at the same time playful occupation for the baby in the bath and shower.

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Seahorse, whale, turtle and more… Made of natural rubber, LÄSSIG marine animals are the ideal play companions for the bathtub and shower. With their natural colors and cute shapes, these toys are a source of creative bathing fun for babies and toddlers.

The bath-time companions have rounded contours and a smooth surface. This makes them ideal for small children’s hands to grasp, while the pleasant feel of the natural rubber gently stimulates the sense of touch.

With an integrated rattle and subtle color scheme, the bath toys keeps baby relaxed and playfully occupied at the same time, stimulating imagination and allowing children to immerse themselves in their own world.

The BPA-free rubber has its own natural smell which is completely harmless and has the added benefit of making the bath toy instantly recognizable, even to the smallest child. For carefree splashing and playing, the bath toy is completely sealed. This prevents the accumulation of water inside and the growth of mold.

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Octopus, Seahorse, Shark, Starfish, Turtle, Whale