Ball Track Neo


This is a fun ball track with three lanes and 15 wooden balls in different shades. Unlike regular ball tracks, this one also has cut-out loops on the base plate with two different figures that can be moved around. The tracks and tracks below allow your child to practice coordination and fine motor skills while being fun to play with. A safe and durable wooden toy from Kid’s Concept that will be able to be passed down for a long time and create exciting tales about the animals and life above. Feel free to match with any of the toys or the other decor from NEO’s concept.

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Look, a mysterious footprint! Come on, let’s follow it. This ball track is part of the NEO concept that tells about the old stone age country. Join Neo the mammoth and Lisa the bird on exciting trails. Or why not play with the clever ball lanes that swirl above. But watch out! Are those volcanoes at the end of the track we see?

  • (LxWxH in cm): 25 x 18 x 18.8