Sun Hat – Long Neck


The neck cap protects the heads of babies thanks to its UV protection index of 80. It is ideal for hot summer days thanks to its exterior material, which dries quickly and very practical ties to be made.

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  • The LÄSSIG baby neck protector hat, plain, is perfect for summer days. The outer fabric is made of 100% polyester (recycled). With a UV protection index of 80, it protects the sensitive head of the little ones in summer. It matches perfectly with the anti-UV swimwear from LÄSSIG’s Splash & Fun collection.
  • The hat with its long protection for the neck, protects the head, eyes, ears and neck of the little ones from the sun. In order not to lose the hat because of the wind, or when the child plays, it can be tied under the chin.
  • It is pleasant to wear in the water, or outside, thanks to its lightweight, breathable, and easily dry material.
  • In addition, the moisture regulating lining directly wicks moisture to the outside. Back home, the hat can be washed at 30°C (delicate laundry program).

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