Sun Flap Hat Solid


The pink, plain-colored sun hat with neck protection protects the sensitive baby scalp thanks to UV protection 80. The breathable and quick-drying material made from recycled polyester ensures carefree summer days.

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The plain-colored LÄSSIG sun hat with neck protection made from recycled polyester ensures carefree summer days. With UV protection 80, it protects the sensitive scalp of babies and small children in summer and is the ideal complement to the UV swimwear from LÄSSIG’s Splash & Fun collection.

With its neck protection, the sun hat not only protects the small head and eyes from the sun, but also the ears and neck area. So that the hat doesn’t get lost in the wind or when romping around, it can be tied under the chin.

Its light, breathable and quick-drying material ensures a comfortable fit on land and in the water. After the trip, the sun hat can be washed at 30 °C on a gentle cycle.

For every LÄSSIG sun hat, used plastic is reused and spun into yarn. This corresponds to 7 PET bottles per meter of woven fabric. With the use of recycled materials and innovative processes as well as the renunciation of animal components, LÄSSIG contributes to the circular economy and protects the earth’s resources.

The LÄSSIG sun hat with UV protection of UPF 80 has been tested according to UV STANDARD 801 (Hohenstein).

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