Stokke Nomi Babyset


Much like a protective arm around your child, the Stokke® Nomi® Baby Set offers your baby comfort and support as they’re learning to sit while still allowing them freedom of movement. ​Easy to attach, the Baby Set simply clicks on, first underneath the seat and then on the backrest. ​The rounded, organic contours create a comfortable highchair with unrestricted movement – which is excellent for toddler’s development as they explore, taste and interact at the family table.

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  • A protective arm around your baby
  • Suitable from when your child is able to sit unaided (approx. 6 months)​​
  • Provides exceptional side and back support for your baby while they’re learning to sit
  • Easily attaches onto the chair – simply clicks on
  • Free from harmful substances & made of recyclable plastic
  • Fits all Stokke® Nomi® chairs
  • Product Size: 22 x 23 x 29 cm
  • Weight: 0.29 kg
  • Suitable for age: from 6 ~ to 36 (months)


  • When your child is ready to climb up and down from the chair without help, it is time to remove the Stokke® Nomi® Baby Set.​​
  • NOTE! Always check that the Stokke® Nomi® Baby Set is attached properly to the backrest and seat by pulling it in the opposite direction, before using it.


  • Stokke® Nomi® Chair Black
  • Stokke® Nomi® Chair Natural
  • Stokke® Nomi® Chair Oak
  • Stokke® Nomi® Chair Walnut

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Black, Grey, White

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