Soft & Safe Brush + Comb


Dr. Brown’s™ Soft and Safe Baby Brush + Comb are designed for all stages of baby’s hair growth. Soft, soothing bristles are gentle on baby’s head but sturdy enough to brush all hair types – whether fine, thick, curly or straight.

  • Soft and gentle bristles
  • Safe rounded comb
  • Helps prevent cradle cap

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Your Must-Have Baby Hair Brush and Comb. The smooth teeth of the baby comb gently remove hair tangles and massage baby’s scalp to help increase circulation to the follicles and stimulate hair growth. Thoughtfully made with durable wood to hold up after endless uses. This comb and brush set is effective for preventing cradle cap while keeping baby’s soft spot protected. Sized just right for baby’s head and comfortable for adult hands, this set is a grooming must-have!

  • Made with durable wood
  • Gentle on baby’s head