Skiptitaska Green Label Ocean Backpack


LÄSSIG’s Diaper Bag Backpack Navy is 100% recycled polyester – a companion with a special message: Save the Ocean – Save our Future. 28 plastic bottles per backpack were recycled and reused.

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Save the Ocean – Save our Future.

The plain diaper backpack with a special message: LÄSSIG’s Diaper Bag Ocean Backpack is 100% recycled polyester. Its maritime colors are connected to the slogan “Save the ocean – Save our Future” and meant to draw our attention to the dire situation the oceans are in and to LÄSSIG’s commitment.

28 recycled PET bottles were used to produce LÄSSIG’s diaper bag backpack from the Ocean collection.

LÄSSIG made a deliberate choice to cooperate with the textile company Waste2Wear when selecting the material. This company is committed to producing environmentally friendly materials from used, recycled plastic bottles in a fully certified and transparent value chain. Additionally, their goal is to use plastic waste from the oceans or collect it before it lands there in the first place.

The diaper bag backpack with padded shoulder straps has a spacious main compartment and two additional storage pockets on the outside. The zipped compartment on the back allows quick and secure access to keys and other items. Practical accessories are part of the standard equipment provided. These include a water-repellent changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, a removable jar holder and stroller attachments. The backpack remains a stylish and functional companion even without changing accessories.

There is also a smaller, matching version for children. A partner look for young and old that might get people thinking. Let’s think of our future and draw attention to the situation!

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