Regngalli Solid


Nice CeLaVi rainwear in PU, which consists of a rain jacket in solid color and a pair of rain pants with seller in solid color PU. There are narrow reflective stripes around the sleeves and pant legs, and on the upper arm and hoods there is a reflective print. The CeLaVi rain jacket has a removable hood that fastens with snaps. The hood has elastic in the face opening. The sleeves have elastics, and in the waist opening there is elastic on the sides. The rain jacket opens with the help of a zipper with an external wind pole that closes with snaps.

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  • Certified acc. to GRS- Made with 66% Recycled Material CERES-0366
  • 100% Polyester w.Polyurethane coating

Frekari upplýsingar


Federal Blue, Slate Rose


100, 110, 120, 130, 80, 90

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