Dry’n Play


XL Bath Cape with Teether. This large bath cape wraps your baby in softness, whilst protecting you against water splashes. A smart innovation is the silicone teether, which allows you to attach the cape around your neck, like an apron. While drying your baby, the teether serves as a fun toy. Thanks to the the cape’s large size, it’s the perfect choice for many years of use. The cape is made from thick organic cotton for maximum absorption.

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  1. Place the bath cape around your neck. Pull the end of the hood through the silicone teether until it is firmly fixed in place.
  2. Now you can bathe your baby without getting wet.
  3. When you lift your baby out of the bath, place their head on your left shoulder.
  4. Detach the hood, place it on baby’s head and wrap them in softness.
  5. On the changing table, the silicone teether serves as a fun toy while getting dry.
  • Bath cape: 100% cotton
  • Teether: silicone
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Tumble dry

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