Cozy Swaddle Bag


The LÄSSIG Cozy Swaddle Bag makes swaddling so easy. The stretch fabric made of 100% cotton (organic) recreates the sense of security felt in the womb and helps your child sleep better. For babies aged 0-3 months.

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  • Wrapped up safe and snug: With the LÄSSIG Cozy Swaddle Bag from the Cozy Colors collection, swaddling baby is made easy.
  • The stretch fabric made of 100% cotton (organic) hugs your child’s body, recreating the sense of security and tightness felt in the womb and helping him or her to relax and sleep better.
  • The Swaddle bag gently wraps around and restricts involuntary movements of the arms that would otherwise wake baby up.
  • Cozy Swaddle Bag is available in a variety of contemporary colors and patterns.
  • It is washable at 40°C and suitable for tumble drying.
  • For babies aged up to 3 months.

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